What is a SEO audit?

SEO audit is a form of report based on a detailed analysis of the webpage, its HTML code, keywords, content, and – in the extended version of the audit – company’s direct competition. 

Such an audit allows for specifying problems and improper solutions, as well as for presenting techniques that may be implemented in order to notably increase the position of your website in search results. A comprehensive SEO audit results in the boost of the position of the examined website, as well as in the improvement of overall conversion rate.  

Audit components

The following SEO audits variants are available:  

SEO Audit – basic version 

  • Analysis of titles and meta tags (title, keyword, description)
  • Verification of URL address structure (URL address characteristics)  
  • Verification of website structure (internal links)  
  • Verification of the validity of source code (analysis and identification of key HTML code errors)
  • Matching keywords to subpages  
  • Optimization of photos and multimedia files (Alt tags, image sizes, names)  
  • Internal link fixing  
  • Website loading time analysis  
  • robots.txt, sitemap.xml and other files analysis
  • Recommendations regarding website content
  • Indications and technical advices  
  • Suggestions relating to website usability  
  • Website improvement techniques, methods, and tools indication 


    Basic audit price starts from PLN 500 PLN (without VAT Tax)

    Why is a SEO audit beneficial for you?

    • Long-lasting increase in search results positions, irrespective of actions performed by the competition and changes in Google algorithms  
    • Increase of the number of visitors and better conversion rates
    • Increase of the number of keywords for which the website will be visible in Google (the so-called long tail)
    • Proper website functioning and decent optimization
    • Quicker website loading

    Advanced SEO audit also includes:

    • Analysis of external links
    • Analysis of already introduced keywords  
    • Keyword Research – new keywords identification
    • Linking strategy offer – Link Building
    • General analysis of the competition
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