Our offer also incorporates a wide range of IT services that can be utilized to comprehensively manage your company  

Outside Resource Using – the task in question is based on transferring particular IT tasks of your company to specialized third parties. It has been proved that this method allows for focusing exclusively on the main scope of operation of the firm.  

IT support – scope of services

The subject of this offer is a complex IT support based on full or partial outsourcing of IT-related services, such as:  

  • Constant IT servicing and technical support offered to users
  • Provision, installation, and configuration of software necessary for a company to function properly, such as financing or accounting-oriented applications.
  • Provision and servicing of computer hardware
  • IT advising with regard to beneficial solutions and tools
  • Maintenance of files, applications, and e-mail accounts  
  • Organization of training sessions for employees touching upon the topic of basic computer and software handling
  • Execution of internal software legitimacy audits  

Supervision over your website

  • Creating advertisement-oriented banners, layers, and promotional pages updating website content
  • Creating dedicated product pages
  • Carrying out mailing campaigns, preparing newsletter templates
  • Managing online shops – adding content, promotions, organizing advertising campaigns 

InsERT software implementation and servicing

As a certified InsERT servicing body, we can also offer you:  

  • typo3 wdrożenia serwis instalacje pomoc
  • Data Quest rzetelna firma
  • tpay partner
  • partner InsERT wdrożenia, szkolenia, serwis
  • serwis Subiekt GT Nexo Rewizor Rachmistrz wdrożenia, wzorce wydruków